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If you love poker, love people and love community we are your crew…

Imagine a community where everyone is as passionate about the game of poker as you are. Where the drama and toxic nature of the at large poker community has been replaced with team work, collaboration, and inspiration for the team to reach their goals and dreams.

This is the nature of Team 100k. We are a group of poker players who love this game, want to grow this game, and want to be a part of a crew that works together to get better at this game, both to enjoy it more and to be more competitive.

We are looking for the right people to join our community and make it stronger. Everyone who has made it to their peak in poker had a crew around them that helped them achieve their goals.

Our Team has 3 levels to it.

We have a team of pros whose goal and focus is to have a very successful professional or semi-professional poker career. This team embraces peer study to help level the group up and motivate each other to reach our true ceilings. The success of the team helps put a spotlight on our pros and we strive to give people a platform, especially those overlooked in our industry.

We also have a private paid community of members who enjoy the game and want to learn and have fun in a poker community void of the afore mentioned drama and toxicity in the industry. Our members get to participate in study sessions and get exclusive content created by our team pros, and have a variety of community events from competitions, to their own peer study growths to help them get the most out of poker.

Lastly we have a content tier where you can get access to all the content we put out on a monthly basis that is open to any one.

If this sounds appealing at all, then we may be the team for you..

Our Core Values

What are we passionate about?


You get the most out of poker when you are in community. The game is more fun, and you learn the fastest through collaborative learning.


Poker is for EVERYONE. We enjoy having a diversity of thoughts, backgrounds, and people within our team. Especially in an industry that overlooks a lot of people.


We want to represent the game of poker with integrity and honor, being great hosts and ambassadors of the game.

Our Team

Meet the leaders of Team 100k

“The Phoenix”


Like the Phoenix, Our CEO has overcome a lot to become incredibly successful in business. They have a passion for poker, and seeing people go from zero to hero, and that has led the drive to make Team 100k something special. Later this year when the project has matured, our CEO will be revealed to the public! For now they stay in the shadows so the project can grow on it’s own fruition.

Shawne Child


Rob Gardner


Craig Savage


Want to Join the Team?

Contact us to find out more about the process to become a team pro or join our private membership community.

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