Stream Game – Collecting PokerMon

How to Collect PokerMon

There are over 100 new PokerMon you can collect each season, ranking in 5 different levels of rarity, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Mythic, and Legendary. There are two ways you can collect these PokerMon, the first is just being in the stream. At random times during the stream a Pokermon will spawn at the bottom of the stream.

When the new PokerMon appears, one of the users on stream will be selected at random to battle that PokerMon, if they win they will collect the PokerMon, lose and they get nothing. PokerMon spawn every couple minutes so there are lots of opportunities to earn more.

The second way to collect PokerMon is through PokerBalls. PokerBalls are collected through the various mini games on stream, such as battle royale, basketball, and raids. Sometimes Pokerballs will even fall from the sky and give you an opportunity to collect them using the command !jump.

You can see how many Pokerballs you have by typing !pokerballs in chat. To use a Pokerball type !use pokerball in chat, this will spawn a random PokerMonthat you specifically get to dual instead of a user being chosen at random. You can do this any time a mini game is not running and no random PokerMonhas spawned.

Everytime you collect a PokerMon you will earn Gold Coins as a reward. These Gold Coins are used on the leaderboard to determine who wins prizes. The rarer a PokerMon is the more gold coins it is worth.

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