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Our Private Team 100k Community is a closed dedicated discord server designed for our community to interact together to get the most out of the game of poker. We use the server a central location for all of our Team 100k events. Our Team 100k Private server has 3 goals.

First we want the server to be a place for our community to learn together. We believe learning happens in 3 directions. Learning up from someone better than you, learning laterally with peers on your level, and teaching down with people who can learn from you. Our server facilitates all 3. Each week we have a study session featuring one of our team pros, to the community. These sessions are recorded and stored on the website if you cannot attend. The community is encouraged to engage in various peer to peer study sessions throughout the week, and we have multiple sessions currently running each week. A Hand history channel allows us to all interact on specific poker hands at our own convenience.

Second we want our server to be a place to support one another. Poker is way more fun when you get to share your journey with others! We have discord channels dedicated to streaming your play, so the community can sweat your deepest runs. We also run grind nights from time to time where everyone hops in voice and grins at the same time to keep everyone thinking positive and motivated even when the two outers keep hitting against you. This team atmosphere keeps you grounded and uplifted during the inevitable dark times in poker, and makes the wins that much sweeter when they are shared with friends.

Lastly we want this community to be a place where we have fun together. Having fun is a critical part of having success in poker, for casual and professional poker players. Each month we run different challenges in the community where they can earn points nd compete for player of the month or player of the year status. We also occasionally run events that have nothing to do with poker, like movie nights, trivia nights, or gaming nights. To keep things light hearted and fun and get a break from the river card!

Our Private community takes pride in being a positive drama free zone. As such each member is vetted and interviewed prior to joining, and must abide by the rules to stay in good standing. This helps keep the community healthy and fun as the overall poker community can be incredibly toxic and negative.

For those accepted to our community, there are dues of $24/mo. This includes the weekly study sessions, access to the past videos on the website, and all of our monthly challenges. If any of this sounds interesting to you, fill out the form below and lets talk more!

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