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In the short term our goal is to provide a space for up and coming talent in the industry particularly overlooked talent to have a place to be showcased and a team of like minded people to study and come up in the industry with together through collaboration.

By giving overlooked talent and potential a place to amplify their brand and also a collaboration space to really work hard and grow their game in community our hope is there is enough value there to interest the right future talent in poker to get involved.

Then in tandem with that we’re building a larger closed community of recreational poker players who are having fun playing poker and learning the game together who come underneath these pros and start to build a fan base for them. The project scales by the pro team growing in size and stature bringing more casual players into the community and then in turn growing the fan bases of these pros.

Ultimately this does have the opportunity to grow into something that could be financially viable for the team. But right now the exchange is we have an amazing group of talented poker players to work with and be embraced by and a small platform we are growing daily to hopefully benefit that team more and more over time. We fully expect some people will get involved with us and our grow us and move on and that’s ok.

This project has no ties to any poker site. Our members play everywhere. And we support them in all their endeavors. We currently have 13 team pros and another 25 paid members. But we have done limited marketing initially. We’re about to ramp that up in the next 6 months.

If growing with a team of people who is in similar profile to you would have value. And you were willing to leverage your brand a bit in the larger community through the occasional appearance or coaching session to gather a fan base within our members would be beneficial as well, I think in turn we could help put a spotlight on what you are doing and as team 100k grows you would organically grow with it.

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