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Join the last poker team you will ever join, and find your ceiling in poker

There is a place for you on Team 100k

We offer 3 tiers of services to the poker community to help people get the most out of the game of poker


Team Pros

At this stage in our organization we are not in a place to pay team pros. Our pros get an opportunity to collaborate with like minded poker players / content creators while we work to help bolster their game and put a spotlight on their brand. We want people who will represent this game and our core values with passion.


Team 100k Private Discord

Our private discord is an awesome community of recreational / casual and aspiring poker players. Here the community studies together, gets access to study sessions with the team pros, and competes in fun competitions and events to experience the game together as a team.

We accept new members by application only and there are $24 monthly dues to participate.


Team 100k Content Access

Get access to all of our content and training materials. The most affordable Poker Training content out there at just $10/mo.

Want more information?

Send us a DM

We would be happy to talk with you about who we are and answer any questions you have. Send Rob Gardner (Our President) a DM to get answers

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