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Poker is more fun when you have a crew. A crew of friends to share the fun of the game with, a crew of competitors to push you to your best, a crew of students to learn with to maximize your growth, and a crew of leaders to help you reach your poker dreams. Team 100k is all those things. We currently offer two types of membership, open membership and closed membership. Our open membership is just $10 a month and get you access to all out training videos we create on a weekly basis. We really focus on teaching complex topics in simpler ways, and have the most affordable content on the internet.

Our closed membership is our Team 100k community, a community of like minded members who LOVE this game and want to GROW and get better while having as much FUN as possible. We are always looking for new additions to this community, but we want people who will have great chemistry in our community so we have an application / interview process for the opportunity to be included. Dues are $24 a month and get you access to our private discord, as well as all our training events and the aforementioned content.

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