Tournament of Champions

The Best of the Best from our Community.

We are ending our year with a battle of our champions within the community. January 7th 2023 at 4 PM EST (Sunday) we will host the tournament of champions with a special Player of the year ring, and a ring display case. All Ring winners are automatically qualified for this tournament.
Each Thursday the winner of the Team 100k homegame on will qualify for the tournament of champions. Players who own a ring can win any of the homegames and take away one potential spot from the final.

The Qualifiers

Asininebovine (Ring x2)
Hubie40 (Ring)
CraigSavage (Ring)
SIURanger (Ring)
Cletious2 (Ring)
Shamwow (Ring)
Jukomane (Qualified)

The winner

The winner will receive a special edition player of the year ring and a commemorative holder for winning the tournament of champions.

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