Fantasy Football Draft

100k Studios is hosting a free Fantasy Football League with a live zoom call draft Sunday September 3rd at 8 PM EST. First place will receive $50 of free merch on the site, Second place $25 free merch. To secure a spot in this league send PokerPastor a DM on twitter or discord. We will run the draft live at 8:15 EST on Sunday September 3rd, join the zoom call for a fun time of drafting, chatting and talking football!

League will be hosted on ESPN.

Current Interest List

  • Jason Walker
  • Alexandra Loveless
  • Hubie40
  • Glbrneyz
  • BennytheJet
  • SIURanger
  • Miki424
  • RafLP
  • Jukomane


September 03 2023


8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

More Info

Zoom Link

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