Jay “Venom” Carrafiello joins 100k Team Pros

The roster grows! Jay Carrafiello out of the Dallas, TX area has signed with Team 100k, filling out the forth slot for the Southwest Region. Jay who goes by Venom online, has been involved with the 100k community from the beginning, and has been a strong contributing member to the community.

Venom is a product of the “Moneymaker Effect”, although he learned Poker from his Godfather at the age of 13 and has loved the game ever since. He transitioned to the Online Grind that was shortly lived due to Black Friday, resulting in him turning to the Cash Game streets, where he was a frequent in a $25/$50 PLO “Lawyer Game” that drove him into playing poker for a living.

Jay grinded the East Coast battling out MTT and Cash games for 10yrs, but currently resides in Texas, where he states “The Game is so different in Texas, that I am committed to increasing my study because if I can beat these games… Sky’s the Limit!!”

Be sure to check out Jay’s profile, follow him on the socials and watch his journey unfold, he will be a great addition to the team!

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