Team 100k Defeats Team Killingbird

The first last longer battle took place between Team Killingbird and Team 100k, and it was a photo finish! Team 100k got out to a slow start. PokerPastor did not win a single all in and busted shortly after late reg, while 1dullgeek raced to the top of the leaderboard for Team 100k. Slowly and surely though Emerson1030 and Jukomane took over the tournament, Emerson busted Cyrus027, and before long it was a 2 vs 2, Emerson1030 and Jukomane vs 1DullGeek and Killingbird.

Things got weird when Killingbird elected to shove his ATs running into 1DullGeek’s Aces which held and Geek was cheerleader. Then Team 100k got the same treatment when Jukomane ran his AJ into Emerson1030’s AK. The final last longer was set, and came to it’s climax when 1dullgeek shoved pocket 9s, and got called by Emerson1030’s KQ. The flop was KJ8, and 1Dullgeek couldn’t improve giving Team100k the victory.

Team100k is 1-0 now in last longer challenges and will be looking for a new community to battle! Who is next? Stay Tuned…

4 thoughts on “Team 100k Defeats Team Killingbird”

  1. Poor Fella!!! Chirp…. Nice work Team!! #Team100K at one point had 7 players left in the field w/ 20 remaining.. The Crew has been working hard on their games and its Showing!

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