Team Pro LoriAnn Persinger finds a bag in the Wynn $1100 $500k

Team pro LoriAnn Persinger is officially in the money of the Wynn Signature Series $1100 500k guaranteed after bagging the 2nd of 3 flights in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Her journey to day 2 started on Thursday when she won a satellite into the event. The Wynn has a cool format for some of their satellites known as “milestone” satellites, where a certain amount of seats are guaranteed, but if you get to 150k in chips you automatically win a seat.

LoriAnn was all the way down to 10 big blinds in the satellite before getting a double right before break, followed by another double, and then stacking one of her opponents to get to 199k in chips and lock up a seat. LoriAnn got out to a fast start in the 500k, chipping up to a 3x starting stack early, before having a roller coaster ride over the 2 hours heading into the dinner break, where she went to break with 115k in chips after a high of 142k.

With the day 2 bubble and the money bubble being one in the same, LoriAnn had to survive being card dead the last two levels, but still managed to find the bag, and secure a cash, bringing 84k chips and a lot of upside to day 2. With the tournament expected to exceed the guarantee, first place will likely be over 100k on Sunday, when LoriAnn will start day 2.

Best of luck to LoriAnn Sunday!

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