100k’s very own Bob Franklin heads to Run Good Council Bluffs

The latest Team 100k member to win a trip to play live is the beloved Bob Franklin. He won a trip to the run good poker series this summer, and a ring, and elected to use it in Council Bluffs for the upcoming series. For Bob this is his first ever road trip solely dedicated to just playing poker. It’s also going to be the largest live buyin / payout event he has played in his career.

Bob flies out on the 13th to head for Iowa for the series. He is taking his first shot in the seniors event on 10 am of the 14th in an attempt to find a bag and cash, and then playing the $400 Flight A or B of the 50k guaranteed ring event. Bob’s strategy is to focus on the moment and play great poker one hand at a time.

“I want to really concentrate on putting ourselves in good positions each hand we are in. Throughout the Tourneys my strategy is to really focus on playing looser and more aggressive from position and less aggressively out of position and playing the player each hand based on their tendencies. The obvious goal is to make the money. During each game I think my over all strategy will be broken down to a one hand at a time and or a one rung at a time kind of attitude and a slow and steady wins the race type of end goal.”

We all will be watching with excitement next week as Bob takes to the live felt!

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