Team 100k pros out in full force this weekend

It was an epic weekend for Team 100k as they hit the felt in epic fashion this weekend. LoriAnn Persinger made an appearance in the Pokerstars NAPT shootout this weekend, finishing 3rd at her table and was featured on with the one and only Conrad to talk about their experiences in the shoot out.

Justin Arnwine continues to win tournaments at a staggering rate. Making final tables is impressive enough but when you ship them all it’s that much more impressive. He took down the $400 $15k at National Harbor for $5000 for the kitty crew.

His counter part Caitlyn Arnwine also had some success on the felt. She was in Kentucky and Ohio working with the Transformative Justice Coalition and stopped by the Hard rock in Cincinnati to play their daily tournament, finishing 3rd place for $1,075.

Last but not least Run Good came to Cleveland which meant our very own Mikha Richards got her opportunity to fire bullets, she made day 2 of the Opening ring event, and went deep into day 2 before bowing out in 24th place well in the money.

Team 100k is cooking! So much more to come..

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