All eyes shift East for Run Good Baltimore

It has been quite the start for Team 100k this season with impressive showings from the southwest region in Vegas and in Texas, as well as a strong performance from the Memphis Four at Run Good Tunica, but now it is the east regions turn to take their chance as Run Good makes their inaugural appearance in Baltimore, Maryland. Not only do we have Team pros in the mix, but several community members are joining in the fun too.

Christopher “Jukomane” Laplante, was one of two Season 2 champions to win a 1k run good poker package, and will be playing his $300 seat on Thursday.

“First and foremost my ultimate goal is to win. Aside from that, I want to play the best poker that I can. I plan to start out playing tight and pick up as many chips as I can along the way. I want to carefully pick my spots and take my time when making decisions. Hopefully, I will be able to get in the money and make a deep run.”

Another community member Hubert AKA “Hubie40” gave it a good run in the ambassador event last night, before running into set over set late and then losing with kings to bust 4 from the money. Hubie plans to play the $300 event on Thursday as well.

For our team pros it is a chance to debut on the east coast. Caitlyn and Justin Arnwine both have their eyes on a couple events depending on how things go, targeting the Double Green Chip bounty event as well as some satellites to the main.

We will keep you up on all the action this week, it should be another fun one!

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