Justin Jones takes 5th in Rounders Cup VII for 12.8k

Less than a month into the 2023-24 season, Team 100k has already racked up 4 final tables, and the latest is also the biggest. Justin Jones finished 5th place in the Rounders Cup for $12,800. Justin came into the day 4th in chips, at a final table where the chip leader had a massive chip lead, amassing 15m while the rest of the table had an average stack of just 3m.

Justin was able to maneuver several ICM spots, and reached a peak of 8m after his aces held against AQs in a scary spot when the AQ turned a flush draw. Eventually Justin had to take a stand against the chip leader, and ran his K6 into A9, and was not able to improve.

Justin sets the pace nicely for the team now with the largest cash of the season, and putting his region out in front as well for total earnings. Many more to come for the “Cash Game Pro”, don’t let that title fool you, he just brought his total live earnings to $414,600.

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