Hubie wins February Player of the Month, eyes a venom ticket

The battle for February player of the month went into double overtime, as 3 players emerged as possible winners with the team competition wrapping up. Asininebovine, Hubie, and Jukomane were all separated by less than 1000 points with only the results of the team competition hanging in the balance. With 1000 points available to the winning team and 500 to the second place team, it would come down to whether Team Jay could hold on to their slight lead headed into the final set of matches.

Due to some family circumstances the pros battles were cancelled and Cletious joined Asininebovine, Hubie and Jukomane to represent their respective teams. With Team Jay in the lead, a win by Jukomane over Hubie would seal the deal for Team Jay, and then the winner would come down to whether asinine bovine beat Cletious or not, however Hubie was not to be denied, taking down Jukomane, and forcing at least one tie. Asininebovine then stepped up to the challenge beating Cletious and creating a 4 way tie for all the teams.

With the tie, the 3 agreed to play a 3 man sit and go for all the marbles. After asininebovine was unfortuneatly bounced early in the match, a 2 hour heads up battle would continue between Hubie and Jukomane before Hubie would eventually emerge as the champion.

Hubie didn’t slow down there, he took on the high five challenge as a part of the team competition, where ACR is running a low stakes leaderboard awarding the top 10 point getters with $2650 venom tickets. At the time of this article, Hubie is currently sitting in 8th place with one week to go eyeing a seat to the record setting 12.5 million dollar guaranteed tournament in April.

The entire community is cheering him on hoping he can hold on for a chance to compete for one of the biggest prizes in poker. Stay tuned and see what Hubie can do!

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