Willhebe wins January Player of the Month

In January our community played a monopoly game, where different poker accomplishments represented different properties on the monopoly board, and they could earn points for collecting those properties. The competition was quite heated, and coming into the last few days, Will needed a big charge in order to have a chance to win it.

“Last month (January) I was doing well with the challenges just playing my usual games and saw that if I could get top 3 out of 500 + entrants in a tournament in the last few days of the month it would put me top or close. So I concentrated on freerolls with more than 500 players because I thought that was my best shot of a top 3 in the easiest games. Luckily I achieved top 3 with a 2nd place on the final day of the month and this gave very little chance to anyone to respond. The challenges were fun and I look forward to participating in more in the months to come.”

Will found a path to victory on the very last day, and is our January Player of the month! I asked Will how he got involved with 100k:

“I saw PokerPastor on my table in a tournament with a purple ring round him and checked out his stream after looking at acr poker’s list of stormers. I enjoyed his mix of music and agreed with much of his poker talk. He has a very good way of explaining things. I was interested to find out more because of the strategy and him wanting positive people in his community. So I joined his discord and soon was impressed and joined team 100k. I continue to find the material and community worthwhile and exciting.”

Will has been an awesome addition to the community and what has impressed me is how many times he has been willing to stay up to the wee hours of the morning european time to watch some of the US study sessions that take place! We look forward to seeing his continued success not just in Team 100k competitions but in poker as a whole! Congrats Will! You earned it!

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